Dream XXI N - M/G Reducer Vaporiser


Dream XXI N - D Injection Unit






DREAM XXI N is the latest gas injection system designed and developed by OMVL. It can be installed on all fuel injected vehicles. Powered by LPG or CNG, the system is fully compliant to the latest safety standards for gas fuel systems (67R01 and R110) and keeps emissions well within the limits established by the strictest standards (EURO4). DREAM XXI N is extremely reliable in all vehicle operating conditions, and guarantees excellent performance.

OMVL integrated the mechanical and electronic subsystems, to allow an easy and quick installation, and to guarantee efficient and reliable operation.

Regular Dynamic Behaviour

DREAM XXI N ensures excellent vehicle performance when running on natural gas, without affecting car performance with petrol (gasoline).

Low Emissions

The ECU automatically detects optimum combustion, constantly checking the various parameters and determines the right volume of gas to be injected, thus reducing emissions and extending the life of the catalytic converter.

Reliability in Operation

DREAM XXI N injects gas directly into the intake manifold near the cylinder head intake valves. This eliminates back-firing.

Dream XXI N

DREAM XXI N is an advanced gaseous fuel injection system, designed for use with current petrol (gasoline) fuelled vehicles. The natural gas or LPG is delivered from the tank to the Pressure Regulator, which supplies it at a constant pressure to the Injection Unit. This is controlled by the Electronic Control Unit that calculates the correct gas injection time into the intake manifold based on the vehicle's original petrol injection time and other system parameters.

The pressure stability of the regulator, together with sophisticated electronic fuel delivery control, creates robust power performance, and a smooth acceleration from “cut-off” phase. DREAM XXI N also optimises consumption and performance.

Key components of the Dream XXI N System include:

DREAM XXI N – M/G Reducer/Vaporiser

The pressure regulator reduces gas pressure and, in the case of LPG, ensures liquid gas is completely vaporised. A solenoid valve shuts off the gas flow to the engine when the engine is not operating.

    The system reduces CNG gas pressure from 200–220 bar to 1.8bar. The pressure reduction unit is a water-gas heated two stage, servo-assisted membrane unit.
    The regulator completely vaporises LPG reducing its pressure to 0.9, 1.2 or 1.7 bar, depending on engine size and power. It is a two stage membrane unit with pilot circuit and water-gas heat exchange.

DREAM XXI N – D Injection Unit

The injection unit ensures that the right quantity of gas is delivered into the intake manifold at the intake valves. The electronic injectors are opened in coordinated sequence timing to suit the engine's ignition cycle.

DREAM XXI N – ECU Electronic Control Unit with OBD

New 2001NC OBD ECUs can communicate on eOBD diagnostic lines with KWP2000 and CAN protocols, to gather information from the original fuel system, allowing implementation of auto-adaptive strategies. This compensates for any medium or long term drift, due to the different mixtures of gaseous fuels that are in the market and ageing of mechanical components.

The electronic control unit regulates the gas volume delivered to the engine by controlling injector opening times. The ECU also manages the following functions:

  • indication of fuel level inside the tank
  • automatic switching from natural gas to petrol and vice-versa
  • activation of the gas system when regulator temperature sensor detects a temperature suitable for an efficient combustion

Gas/Petrol Fuel Switch

This is an electronic switch interfaced with the DREAM XXI N ECU. The unit permits switching between the two fuel types and shows (through 5 LEDs) the amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank.

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