Westport offers complete engine packages to industrial vehicle OEMs globally. Westport's industrial application engines are fully integrated, high performance, low-emission solutions. The Westport 2.4L product is based on the Hyundai Motor Company's 2.4 litre industrial engine platform, and OMVL's LPG multipoint injection technology. 


The Westport 2.4L engine provides robust performance for material handling, municipal, construction, and other harsh and challenging applications. Westport currently supplies Clark Material Handling with Westport 2.4L CNG and LPG industrial engines based on the Hyundai platform for Clark forklifts sold globally.


The Westport 2.4L engine is available for stationary applications such as engine power units for oilfield and agricultural installations and for electrical power generation.  The engines can be fuelled by either LPG or natural gas, or can switch between the two fuels.


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