Westport is the global source for Emer brand CNG and LPG tank valves, filling valves, fuel lines, and filters.





OMVL-brand engineered gas conversion systems, fuel systems, reducers, mixers, ECUs, accessories and parts are sold and supported by Westport in more than 40 countries through OMVL's existing channels. All products are designed to meet Euro IV emissions standards.





ServoTech offers a total engineering solution from initial concept phase to prototype hardware and final prove-out, including design and development of electronic products, software development, automotive exhaust simulation and testing, spark-ignition gasoline and diesel emissions technology.




WP580 EM

The Westport WP580 Engine Management System (EMS) is a highly configurable system that has been specifically developed for spark ignited, dedicated natural gas engine applications and can be integrated with a wide range of proprietary Westport fuel system components for flexible vehicle design and production.

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