The hydraulic SICOM compressor (Booster), is a indipendent compression unit, employed as final stadium, in combination with a traditional alternative compressor. This unit permit a good refuelling operation, thanks to low RPM revolutions and a good gas cooling.
The unit needs few maintenance operations, and it's designed for a continuous service.

Operation work: the direct connection of the gas pistons with the oil one permit that the oil in pressure command (through the piston of the oil) the pistons for the gas compression phase.
The gas piston is a double effect type (compression in both senses); the compressors body consist of three rooms: a central for the oil and two side for the gas.
The valves of the gas are type automatic.

The SICOM booster B1060_7.5 is the smaller of productions range. The compression unit is coupled with a 7.5 kW electrical motor power, while the oil tank capacity is 110 litres. The unit is used , in combination with a traditional alternative compressor, in order to levate the gas pressure to 250 bar.

The hydraulic SICOM compressor is manufactured in accordance to the directives:
2006/42/CE (directive cars)
97/23/EC PEDs (pressure equipment directive)
94/9/EC ATEXs (explosive atmosphere)




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