Global Star Vista Dispenser

Product Information:
The Global Vista CNG dispenser features a H-style cabinet constructed from durable powder-painted galvanized steel.

Single and dual-hose models are offered for this dispenser: its hoses are mounted at the top of the frame to reduce wear.

It's equipped with ergonomically mounted nozzle holsters and available with variety of nozzle configurations, including NGV1, NGV2 and others suitable for specific country usage.




• Flag-type housing for above components.
• Hose retractor wheel
Hydraulic section
• Pneumatic Components, air operated (4-10 bar pressure for each refueling line)
• Inlet strainer for particulate for each pressure bank. Positioned in common inlet line in case of two nozzles
• Mass flow meter (one for each hose)
• Interconnecting carbon steel tubing with flared carbon steel fittings
Electronic computing head (in explosion proof box)
• Temperature compensation option available settable in according with Customer request
• Self-diagnostic program allowing to stop fuel delivery in case of malfunctioning, as well as to identify the component to be replaced
• Shutdown setting on the computer head for: maximum CNG flow, minimum CNG flow, max pressure
• Remote monitoring communication device option available
• Unit price (four digits); sales amount (six digits); dispensed volume (five digits)
• Backlighting display
• LED Signal light: green (available), red (in operation)



The Global Star CNG dispenser is built to operate continuously at peak capacity while maintaining the highest level of safety and accuracy.
The dispenser complies with ATEX / IEC rules and meets all CENELEC requirements for ZONE 1 hazardous locations.

Safety features include:
• Intrinsically safe computer display, on/off selector and push buttons
• A pneumatically actuated full flow ball valve (for up to three inlet lines) with a spring–loaded main actuator. In the event of power loss, it closes immediately to provide an automatic shut-off
• Two line hose with optional re–connectable break–aways to safely vent CNG away from the vehicle

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