Optional accessories allow total control of your fuelling station including remote access, allowing you to better monitor and manage your station. A Master Control Panel (MCP) will allow you manage all your compressors and equipment in the same station, and theSupervisor Management System (SMS) software, will allow full control of your station and display in real time all information parameters on the operation of the station.






The MCP is a standalone panel with internal control system (including SMS), provided with touch screen with in-built mimic diagram to check different parameters such as temperatures, pressures, gas concentration, working hours. It can manage and optimize CUBOGAS (when more than one per station) starting sequences, as well as slow and fast filling areas within the same station.



SMS (SUPERVISOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) is the new Cubogas system to control, manage and supervise CNG filling stations. The system can be connected with all devices in the CNG filling station optimizing their operation: it also visualizes and controls their funcionality. The SCADA system allow us to operate on our units before the problem gets worse, reading from remote any station parameters, such as: Safety devices status, Vibration analysis, Station liquids level, All the Pressures, All the Temperatures, All theCUBOGAS Switchs


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