M.T.M srl CNG Refuelling Division is the Fuel Systems Solutions business unit dedicated to automotive CNG refueling solutions.
Established in 1977, M.T.M srlhas rapidly grown, and under the trademark name BRC Gas Equipment, it has become the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of automotive LPG and CNG conversion systems. In the early 2000s, M.T.M srl and California based Impco Technologies,a world leader in LPG and CNG industrial applications created a holding company Fuel System Solutions (Nasdaq FSYS) based in New York City, NY.

The M.T.M srl CNG Refuelling Division is the Fuel Systems Solutions businnes unit dedicated to automotive CNG refuelling solutions. Thanks to the insight of management, the idea arises with the aim to widen the offer and diversify the production, remaining in the same business sector. Under the BRC Compressorstrademark the first units start to be traded, completely designed and manufactured at Cherasco BRC’s premises. The product meets with the immediate success thanks to its high quality standards and performances.

In 2009 FuelMaker Corporation based in Toronto, Canada was acquired to further enhance our product line, allowing for the production ofCNG compressors for home and industrial applications. Manufacturing was moved to our facilities in Cherasco, Italy and the new trademark brandBRC FuelMakerwas launched, dominating the market with its’ natural gas fuelling appliances: Phill and FMQ. In 2012 CUBOGAS, a historical trademark specializing in the manufacture and salesof CNG compressors and filling stations, was acquired. Following this acquisition, M.T.M. CNG Refuelling Division can boast over 50 years of experience and more than 2000 natural gas filling stations worldwide.





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